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Most of my yoga workshops are suitable for all levels of yoga experience. 
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An uplifting and delicious heart-oriented, feminine yoga workshop including pure cacao & a deep guided blissful relaxation to transport you to sacred shores.

Advance booking & payment required
All levels of experience welcome.

If you haven’t previously experienced one of my Yoga Cacao Nidra workshops you’re in for a nourishing treat. Pure raw cacao is noted for its heart-opening and uplifting properties, so yoga and cacao make a wonderful combination. This afternoon will offer much to unblock anahata chakra as we cultivate inner lightness of spirit,  exploring heart-opening yoga practices inspired by the yoga I discovered on Maui, Hawaii; cacao plant medicine from the Amazon (but also an ancient traditional sacred plant across Mesoamerica) to assist you in unblocking your heart centre, and a deeply meditative guided relaxation.  during an extended yoga nidra journey taking you from tropical beauty deep into the cave of your heart, a place where you can cultivate the flame of compassion and self-healing. As both an experienced yoga teacher and one of only a handful of trained cacaoistas in the UK, I love combining these offerings to share with you!

This workshop draws deeply on my love of diverse nature-based, heart-oriented spiritual traditions from around the world. This is not a cacao ceremony but you will be served a small dose of purest raw cacao tonic, a true medicine for heavy hearts, mixed with warming and sweet spices in the traditional Mayan way, before lying down for an hour of delicious, deep guided relaxation & visualisation to transport you from the cacao forest, across the sacred lake and into the cave of your heart, a place of deep healing. To bring you back blissfully to your Earthly body, we will share some tropical treats at the end!

My Yoga Cacao Nidra workshops often serve as a lovely, accessible introduction to sacred cacao but this is a yoga workshop, so if you're not sure about ceremonies  be reassured! (And if you are not able to consume cacao for whatever reason, you can still participate fully, the cacao tonic is just a small serving for this workshop.) Yoga Cacao Nidra often serves as a lovely introduction to pure raw cacao, a true superfood, & the deep, trancelike state of relaxation we work with in both yoga nidra and cacao journeying – so if you are curious about cacao ceremonies but not sure yet, you can enjoy this yoga workshop as a welcoming introduction to sacred cacao! (Many previous attenders with no previous cacao/plant medicine experience have enjoyed this workshop so much they end up coming to ceremonies after] experiencing how gentle & loving & heart-opening cacao is.) At the end, enjoy some homemade, delicious & very healthy raw chocolate treats!

All levels of yoga experience welcome for this very nurturing afternoon.


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