I coined the name "Lunar Vinyasa" to describe my mindful, feminine, nurturing approach to yoga, offering a practice rooted in cultivating awareness of what we are experiencing in our bodies & minds, awareness of breath, and cultivating a balance of flowing movement and stillness. This style offers sequences inspired by the softer, more "feminine" moon salutes and lunar cycles, combined with slower, held postures, inviting you to cultivate your own personal balance of strengthening and letting go.


Lunar Vinyasa is an ever-evolving creative fusion of yoga practices: besides the lunar inspirations, this style is also rooted in traditional, holistic approaches to Hatha Yoga along with elements of the Ashtanga primary series (but approached in a much softer more accessible way than you might have experienced previously), Yin & Restorative Yoga and Wisdom Flow Yoga from Maui. (You can read more about how my yoga style evolved here.)

This is a practice for those seeking an embodied, healing, inward-focusing meditative approach to yoga practices, using postures to develop mindfulness and cultivate states of deeper awareness and self-understanding and compassion. This is not about being "good" at yoga poses or being bendy or strong, it's about being sensitive to yourself and understanding your needs.

I am not a performer, nor am I  interested in teaching you how to do fancy poses, I'm interested in helping you to feel better - in your body and soul.

I teach with depth and sensitivity encouraging my students to be intuitive, to listen to and be guided by the needs of their own bodies, and find the expression of a pose which feels best for them. I have rich experience in healing lower back & hip issues through my own personal yoga practice and people often report feeling very safe in my classes - I offer plenty of anatomically-safe alignments in my  instructions, and will discuss aspects of  anatomy to help you understand what you're experiencing in your own body.

Classes always end with a relaxation & sometimes a yoga nidra (yoga sleep) so that you can leave feeling deeply rested and nourished as well as energised. 
Please note classes are not suitable for under-16s .

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