Upcoming 2020 ceremonies in Devon:
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I am not currently taking bookings for the dates listed below until I know if they are able to go ahead due to the Covid 19 lockdown! Please feel free to contact me to be pencilled in for now - I leave the dates here for reference as I've already booked  them with the venues...If they happen you'll be able to confirm your bookings with me nearer the time. Thank you & stay well!
Please note these ceremonies are for over-18s only.


At present it's unclear when public gatherings will be possible again! But I will continue to update here - you can also sign up for my mailing list here or follow me on instagram @yogacacaofox for updates.

I'm hoping that by July or August we can once again sit in ceremony together!At A

Summer Women's Sacred Cacao Ceremony
Sat 11th July 2 - 5pm (8 people maximum)
Lotus Loft, Exeter

PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME FOR LATE SUMMER/AUTUMN 2020: as the Covid 19 lockdown situation unfolds I'll be able to confirm more...
(I will most likely add some Totnes dates too, and one of the Exeter dates may switch to a Yoga Cacao Nidra workshop but I'll keep you posted here & elsewhere!)


Lammas Women's Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sat 15th August 2-5pm (8 people maximum)
Lotus Loft, Exeter

Autumn Equinox Women's Sacred Cacao Ceremony
Sat 19th Sep 2 - 5.30pm
Lotus Loft, Exeter

 Samhain Women's Sacred Cacao Ceremony
Sat 24th Oct 2 - 5.30pm
Lotus Loft, Exeter


November Nurturing Women's Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sat 21st Nov 2 - 5.30pm

Lotus Loft, Exeter

​​​*** For most people, ceremonial cacao is totally safe, but like any plant medicine it might not be appropriate for everyone. Before booking, please click here to read about contraindications for drinking a full dose of cacao - and contact me if you have any questions. ***

Please note: All bookings are non-refundable & non-transferable to other dates, but you may gift your place to a friend if you are unable to attend. By booking your place you acknowledge & agree to these terms. Thank you for respecting this policy.

Learn about what happens in a ceremony & why you might benefit here
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Learn about Cacao's ancient and more recent story as a spiritual superfood here and learn more facts about theobroma cacao here


"What a powerful and enriching experience! Feel very blessed to have been there...The ceremony was an extremely nurturing and powerful process within a safe, beautiful group of women. You held and supported us as a group with such grace, it was a truly empowering and life-changing experience." 

" Big thank you for an amazing experience. So rewarding to have a safe place to share honestly without judgement. Good to have time to reflect...It felt very positive and gave clarity to thoughts. Personally I feel I gained a great deal from Saturday's cacao ceremony." 

"I just wanted to say thank you for hosting and guiding me through an amazing experience last Saturday. It was truly the most spiritual experience I’ve ever had and I feel I’ve had an awakening."


"Thank you again Tania for guiding us on this journey...You make such a great guide and your gentle presence in the session makes it a wonderful experience"


"Thank you so much...I slept so well and today my heart really has been singing and my whole being very buoyant! The experience has left me very inspired..."

"Thank you so much for hosting such an amazing ceremony today  It was truly a magical experience  I feel absolutely blessed to have shared it with you and the other cacao sisters. I know for sure I’m on the right path after my experience today with the energy and insights gained from the cacao spirit ️ You held the space with such strength and grace and compassion  Thank you for your inspiration! This for me is just the beginning of my cacao journey...  ️ I feel truly inspired to begin my new journey of life with confidence and insight, setting my younger self free with love and compassion..."

"I don't even know where to begin. I genuinely have never experienced anything like yesterday - I really didn't know what to expect, and I'm so glad I went into it with very few expectations. Honestly, the vulnerability and openness of everyone in the group, everyone sharing their thoughts and experiences...

The whole ceremony felt so special and sacred, and I can't begin to thank you enough for such an amazing experience. It's made me feel so much more mindful about what I do, and also reminded me that we are unique and possess the power to do whatever we want to do...The whole journey was so interesting, and I still can't put into words how it felt!...I will definitely be taking part in another one soon..."

"Thank you for a wonderful ceremony yesterday Tania. It was really powerful for me and felt very safely held. "

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